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Part I. Basics/Process

  A. Chapters 1-6: Start

  B. Ch. 7-13: Organize

  C. Ch. 14-20: Revise/Edit

Part II. College Writing

   D. Ch. 21-23: What Is It?

   E. Ch. 24-30: Write on Rdgs.

   F. Ch.31-35: Arguments

  G. Ch. 36-42: Research

  H. Ch. 43-48: Literature

   I.  Ch. 49-58: Majors & Work

Part III. Grammar 


 Study Questions



Home Page & Table of Contents


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Sections & Chapters:


A. Starting

  1. How I Learned

  2. Focus

  3. First Drafts

  4. Self & Others

  5. Modes

  6. College Thinking

  In "A.," also see Activities (Exercises),
  Eight Students Talk about Their Writing,
UNO Universal Organizing Chart


B. Organizing 

   7. What Is "Organizing"?

   8. Major Organization

   9. Basic Paper Layouts

 10. Typical Body Section

 11. Types of Paragraphs

 12. Intros & Conclusions

 13. Details & Images


C. Revising/Editing

 14. What Is "Revising"?

 15. Peacock Sentences

 16. Peacock Punctuation

 17. Punctuation Review

 18. Five Special Methods

 19. Typing/Printing

 20. Revision Checklist



Sections & Chapters:

D. What Is it?

  21. What Is "College Writing"?

  22. Levels of College Writer

  23. Resources & Readings 


E. Writing on Readings

    24. What Is a "Response"?

    25. How to Read Texts

 26. Summary

 27. Analysis

 28. Disagreement

 29. Evaluation

 30. Critical Review


Part II. COLLEGE PAPERS continued


F. Arguing

  31. What Is an "Argument"?

  32. Dialogic/Dialectic

  33. Thesis Worksheet

  34. Thesis Paper

  35. Tests & Other Arguments


G. Researching

  36. What Is "Research"?

  37. Research Process

  38. Choosing Resources

  39. Developing the Paper

  40. Quoting/Paraphrasing

  41. Avoiding Plagiarism

  42. Critical Thinking


H. Writing to Literature

    43. What Is "Writing to Lit"?

    44. How To Read Literature

    45. Analysis of Elements

    46. Critical Lit. Analysis

    47. Interpretive Thesis

    48. Literary Review


 I. Writing for Majors & Work 

    49. Case Study

    50. IMRaD Science Report

    51. Magazine/Nwsltr. Article

    52. News Article/Release

    53. Story Writing

    54. Jobs, Colleges, & Scholarships

    55. Process/Instructions

    56. Professional Report

    57. Professional Proposal

    58. Recommendation Report


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