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Part I. Basics/Process

  A. Chapters 1-6: Start

  B. Ch. 7-13: Organize

  C. Ch. 14-20: Revise/Edit

Part II. College Writing

   D. Ch. 21-23: What Is It?

   E. Ch. 24-30: Write on Rdgs.

   F. Ch.31-35: Arguments

  G. Ch. 36-42: Research

  H. Ch. 43-48: Literature

   I.  Ch. 49-58: Majors & Work

Part III. Grammar

 Study Questions






This "Organizing" section shows you how to better organize your writing.  Sometimes the way you have started--written a first draft--creates enough organization, especially if your paper is relatively short or simple.  However, sometimes you must develop a different or richer organization.  This section shows you how to do "macro-organization": the larger body parts, sections, paragraphs, and major details.  It has six chapters:

B. "Organize" Chapters:

   7. What Is "Organizing"?--Levels, Times, & Types of Organizing

   8. Major Organization--College papers vs. Grade School Papers

   9. Basic Layouts--Several Basic College Paper Maps or Layouts

 10. Typical Section--Basic Pattern of a Body or Topic Section

 11. Paragraph Patterns--Basic Diagrams for Forming Paragraphs

 12. Details & Images--Basics of Adding Quotations, Stories, & Images

There also are three extras:

Activities - Exercises for organizing and editing your writing

A YouTube Video on Revising:

UNO Universal Organizer - An organizing tool shown in "Ch. 3. First Drafts"







  7. What Is "Organizing"?

  8. Major Organization

  9. Basic Layouts

10. Typical Section

11. Paragraph Patterns

12. Intros & Conclusions

13. Details & Images



Activities Page


Universal Organizer


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  7. Organizing and Paragraphs

19. Visual & Multimodal Design




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