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Part I. Basics/Process

  A. Chapters 1-6: Start

  B. Ch. 7-13: Organize

  C. Ch. 14-20: Revise/Edit

Part II. College Writing

   D. Ch. 21-23: What Is It?

   E. Ch. 24-30: Write on Rdgs.

   F. Ch.31-35: Arguments

  G. Ch. 36-42: Research

  H. Ch. 43-48: Literature

   I.  Ch. 49-58: Majors & Work

Part III. Grammar

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This is the newest edition of the college and
professional textbook
(formerly known as

Welcome! This web book is a full-length college, AP, and basic writing textbook--one of the most complete and practical writing textbooks on the free Web, especially for students starting their journey through college writing.  You can access this site at or at the shortcut address, W for   

How big is this web site?  There are hundreds of pages in 58 chapters. To start using, go to the "Home & Contents" page and click on any chapter you want.  Or you can use the left-hand column, which appears in exactly the same form on each page.

In addition, this website offers access to the grammar handbook Online is a web directory leading to hundreds of top college English sites about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other subjects. These links lead, in turn, to thousands more.

Are you a student? ( is easy to read and highly practical, with more information than most other free college writing textbooks on the Web.  This textbook is like a mansion with many differently colored and furnished rooms: WritingforCollege has dozens of "rooms" or chapters on academic, professional, literary, and creative writing, all containing a variety of helpful descriptions and examples.  Most chapters offer multiple focuses for both beginning and intermediate writers, and for classroom, personal, or professional use.  There are also dozens of sample student papers. 

In addition, navigation is simple, with both visual and textual links to other pages and sites, to sample papers, and to related readings.  Why is this kind of book good?  See a 4 min., 45 sec. video from Kansas State University showing why having a practical and free online guide to real writing is so important to students:

"A Vision of Students Today"


Are you an instructor?  WritingforCollege is a genre- and community-oriented textbook with an emphasis on learning-centered, writing-intensive instruction useful in most beginning and intermediate--and some advanced--undergraduate college courses in composition, writing across the curriculum, literature, speech, and writing in other disciplines.  A section for basic writers is included, too. WritingforCollege also can help you and your students easily explore other online writing resources, with links to some of the Web's finest sites containing usage and mechanics, argumentative and other nonfiction essays, and full-text literary classics through its companion volume,  

In addition, WritingforCollege provides instructor-oriented essays on--and links to--theory and pedagogy, listings of academic writing organizations and resources, and many other helpful professional links. For more about the author and the development of this Web textbook, see "About the Authors." For more about the theory behind this textbook, see "Teaching Strategic Experience." 

Additional information about

Three web addresses for

To Google, search for ""

WritingforCollege is featured in "96 Essential Sites for Gifted Homeschoolers." is housed on the University of Minnesota web server. It contains no paid advertising and is a free website.

Similar sites/web addresses:

First, here is a warning: "" is a commercial site with paid advertising. You may want to avoid it. 

Second, there are similar sites that are also worthwhile:

(1)—is a large, useful, free online writing textbook by a different and very legitimate group. 

(2) Wikipedia's Rhetoric and Composition is yet another useful college composition textbook. 

(3) For a complete list of online college writing textbooks, see “Ch.15. Writing Textbooks & Tutors” in the Online Grammar Handbook.




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