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Part I. Basics/Process

  A. Chapters 1-6: Start

  B. Ch. 7-13: Organize

  C. Ch. 14-20: Revise/Edit

Part II. College Writing

   D. Ch. 21-23: What Is It?

   E. Ch. 24-30: Write on Rdgs.

   F. Ch.31-35: Arguments

  G. Ch. 36-42: Research

  H. Ch. 43-48: Literature

   I.  Ch. 49-58: Majors & Work

Part III. Grammar

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"Revising" often refers to making major changes in a paper after your first draft is done, and "editing" often refers to making very small corrections of such elements as spelling and punctuation.  However, for moderate changes, it can be hard to draw the line between the two functions.  This is why this section is called "Revise/Edit." What is "revising" for one person--or in one situation--might be "editing" for another person or in a different situation. 
So, with that sometimes clear, sometimes less clear difference, this chapter offers a number of methods and suggestions for revising and editing.  These processes come after your first draft--after you have already written something.  This section offers an explanation of basic patterns or plans for both revising and editing.  And it provides several new and old ways of "re-hearing" and "re-seeing" your writing in better and more accurate detail.  The section has seven chapters in it:

C. "Revise/Edit" Chapters:

   12. What Is "Revising"?--Revising for Audiences 

   13. Peacock Sentences--A Symbol for Management of Sentences

   14. Peacock Punctuation--Managing Major Punctuation

   15. Punctuation Review--Basic Punctuation Patterns

   16. Other Editing--Several Very Important Editing Needs

   17. Typing/Printing--Catastrophes of Typing; Correct Patterns

   18. Revision Checklist--Basic List for Revising & Editing

There also is a page with several activities:

Activities Page - Exercises for revising




C. Revise/Edit

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14. What Is "Revising"?

15. Peacock Sentences

16. Peacock Punctuation

17. Punctuation Review

18. 5 Special Methods

19. Typing/Printing

20Revision Checklist




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