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Travel Journals--OneVillage Partners

Sierra Leone Travel Journals with photos by five of 15 travelers to 3 Sierra Leone villages

Personal journals and helpful background information with dozens of photos describing village life, needs, and challenges in May 2006.  Written by five of 15 travelers on the first trip to the villages sponsored through Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis.


New York Times Travel Article 

Very useful travel article for those visiting Freetown, the capitol, in particular, with additional links to hotels, etc.

This Web Site, in the "Articles" Page


Sierra Leone Imagine

Short travel site still under construction, but with useful travel information.


Sierra Leone Tourism

Information on the MAPE Project, a major tourist resort development 7 miles north of Lungi International Airport. Site by "a London based company committed to the redevelopment of Sierra Leone."



University of Pennsylvania Sierra Leone Page and Search Engine

Links to the CIA World Factbook, maps, travel, language information, etc. Created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. UPenn has a search facility.


Visit Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone Tourism Information

Facts about Sierra Leone, useful addresses, directory of diplomatic missions, "Sierra Leone hotels, Sierra Leone restaurants, things to do when in Sierra Leone (or indeed not to do) when preparing for the all important visit." Directory of Sierra Leone web sites. Has an e-newsletter. The site is not affiliated with the Sierra Leone Government. Maintained by Abimbola Carrol. [KF]  


Yahoo Travel Guide for Sierra Leone

Basic information and map.

Yahoo Travel Guide

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