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Trip Journals

"Waking Up," Neville, 500 w., 2 photos


"Measure of Hope," Ludlow, "Flame" article--800 w., 4  photos


"Village...Health," Schulenberg, 1700 w., 6 photos


"Impressions," K. Wellington, 4000 w., 15 photos, 7 entries
Journal," Jewell, 10,000 w., 31 photos, 7 Entries


Song: "Hail to Paramount Chief," S. Wellington, 400 w.: 9 Verses, Refrain, & 1 Photo


Postscript: "Meeting the Pres. of Liberia," Cairns, 1000  w., 2  photos


How You Can Travel to Sierra Leone



This section has a series of journals written by U.S. travelers to Sierra Leone on the first OneVillage Partners trip in 2006.  The villages had seen a few Americans or Europeans individually or pairs, but this was the first time that the villagers had seen a whole group of fifteen or sixteen Americans, not to mention hosted them for a week.  some 1000 or more villagers turned out to give the visitors a very special happy and celebratory welcome. 


"Waking Up in the Village" by Jan Neville. 500 w. and 2 photos


"A Measure of Hope for All of Our Children" by Ann Ludlow. "Flame" article--800 w. & 4  photos


"Village People & Health" by Kathy Schulenberg. 1700 w. & 6 photos


"Sierra Leone Impressions" by Kathy Wellington. 4000 w. & 15 photos in 7 entries


"Sierra Leone Journal" by Richard Jewell. 10,000 w. & 31 photos in 7 Entries


Song: "Hail to Paramount Chief" by Steve Wellington. 400 w.: 9 Verses, a Refrain, & 1 Photo


Postscript: "Meeting the President of Liberia" by Sonia Cairns. 1000  w. & 2  photos


How You Can Travel to Sierra Leone




Americans from the group OneVillage
Partners traveling through Freetown in a
truck with a Sierra Leonean village partner.



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