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"Building Schools/Building a Future" by the Schools for Salone Project


Fund for African Relief and Education  http://www.fundforafricaneducation.


Sierra Leone Encyclopedia--"Education": Numerous reports and statistics about Sierra Leone education.


"Education in Sierra Leone" 2004-5  by the World Bank: (more recent than the Daco report immediately above; ca 200 pp.)





"Because I Am a Girl," an African organization for educating girls with annual reports--one of its countries is Sierra Leone.


"Jonathan's House for Orphans," a U.S. church-run mission in Bo, a central southern city on the road between the capital, Freetown, and the SLPP villages in the east.


General Culture


Miscellaneous culture:


Sierra Leone Encyclopedia--updated yearly

Excellent information on both basics and details of many aspects of Sierra Leone development.  A core project of the Sierra Leone Information System, which is supported by the United Nations Development Program.  






African Art at the Yale University Museum.  Said to be the best university museum collection of African art, this Web site shows pictures both small and large of some of the more important pieces.


"Art from Africa."  A display of many types of art from many artists and regions.


"Cycles--African Life Through Art."  Pictures of African sculptures, many from Sierra Leone's area of Africa, with a zoom feature, along with some discussion of culture.  


Songs by the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars Band


"Single Leg Amputee Soccer Club" of Sierra Leone.  Story, audio, and pictures from a National Public Radio affiliate.





Hear Krio, the common English/Native Languages dialect, spoken on these radio programs.





Learn more about the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Star Band, an internationally received band of reggae, pop, rock, and fusion formed by Sierra Leonean refugees:

Click here to hear or get a free download of their famous song "Living like a Refugee." 

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