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Cry Freetown Web Site.   This Web site is a companion for the award-winning documentary by the same name (see "Cry Freetown" video).  The Web site has a brief history of Sierra Leone, an interview with the director of the video, and an online store. The site is based in London.


Culture of Sierra Leone


Development Through Radio Project

On the Development Through Radio Project in Sierra Leone. "The project [of the Forum of Conscience, in Freetown which] gives 30 women’s groups access to policy makers and the wider development aid community through airing their concerns and aspirations on national radio." Has case studies from war victims, discussions on Reparations and Testimonials from the community on a variety of topics and issues. On Sierra Leone's Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Forum Of Conscience (FOC), a Sierra Leone based human rights organization. Has a survey of women’s radio listening patterns in Sierra Leone. See also Mercy Wambui, 2003 Reuters Digital Visions Fellow at Stanford University. [KF]


Diamond Mercenaries of Africa

Report, August 1996, by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Executive Outcomes, a South African-based company supplying mercenaries to mining companies in Sierra Leone.


Discuss & Reflect on National Issues.

Discuss and reflect on Sierra Leone national issues at this web site developed by John Leigh, former Sierra Leone Ambassador to the U.S. and former candidate for President.


Documents about Sierra Leone. Important documents—speeches, government agreements, etc.


Expo Times

"Published fortnightly, with regular news updates between issues." Electronic version of a former print newspaper in Sierra Leone which was forced to close due to the war. Now published on-line and in print from France and the U.K. Publisher and Ibrahim Seaga Shaw. Has links to Sierra Leone sites, community pages.  


Female Genital Mutilation


Some of these websites are difficult emotionally to view, but these three sites do a good job of covering what is a widespread practice of profound consequence to most cultures throughout Africa and is life changing to the great majority of most women in Africa. 
Lightfoot-klein/prisonersofritual.htm.  "Prisoners of Ritual: Some Contemporary Developments in the History of Female Genital Mutilation"
by Hanny Lightfoot-Klein, a "paper presented at the Second International Symposium on Circumcision in San Francisco, April 30-May 3, 1991.  5000 w.

cgi/content/full/pediatrics;102/1/153.  "Female Genital Mutilation."  American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Bioethics, Policy Statement.  Pediatrics, Vol. 102, No. 1, July 1998, pp. 153-156.  "Abstract": "The traditional custom of ritual cutting and alteration of the genitalia of female infants, girls, and adolescents...persists....  Immigrants...may [also] have daughters who have undergone a ritual genital procedure or may request that such a procedure be performed…."  2000 w.  (WARNING: GRAPHIC DRAWINGS).

 (Viewpoint from Islamic beliefs.)  "Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Africa , the Middle East & Far East " by B.A. Robinson.  "FGM is a social custom, not a religious practice. However, in those Muslim countries where it is practiced, FGM is often justified by a controversial saying attributed to the Prophet Mohammed that seems to favor sunna circumcision.... Even if true, it only permits the practice; it does not mandate it."  1600 w.



Friends of Sierra Leone--Peace Corps

A nonprofit site developed by former Peace Corps volunteers in Sierra Leone; membership by Sierra Leoneans, other volunteers, and all interested persons encouraged.  


Focus on Sierra Leone

"On-line newsletter reporting and analysing political and social events in Sierra Leone." Editor is Ambrose Ganda. Articles date from 2001 and earlier.


Global Policy Forum - Sierra Leone

Has full text U.N. resolutions, reports, journal and newspapers articles, covering 1998 to date, and a link to the Sandline Report - UK Select Committee on Foreign Affairs (1999) - "A UK government report on the 'Sandline Affair', which saw the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office implicated in a Sierra Leone arms trafficking scandal." The Forum, in New York City, seeks to make the U.N. more responsive to citizen concerns.


News Archives about Sierra Leone

News articles and press releases, 1994-2003.


Peace is Loud
A website especially for African women and lovers of peace; by the people who helped develop/distribute the film Pray the Devil Back to Hell


Radio Broadcasts in Sierra Leone

Talking Drum Studios produces programs for over twenty Sierra Leone radio stations.  


Sierra Leone Government (1)

Official site with news from the Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA).  


Sierra Leone Government (2)

Sierra Leone State House Online.  


Sierra Leone Writers Series 

“Books Database.” Nearly 400 records of books in some way related to Sierra Leone, directly or indirectly.


Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Sierra Leone, Final Report 


What the Fighters Say, A Survey of Ex-Combatants in Sierra Leone

By Macartan Humphreys and Jeremy Weinstein, June-August 2003. Interim Report: July 2004. On the web site of Macartan Humphreys, Assistant Professor of political science, Columbia University, in the section on Papers on Civil Conflict. [KF]


Women Waging Peace  

(Cambridge, Massachusetts.) "Women Waging Peace advocates for the full participation of women in formal and informal peace processes around the world." See the Africa section with case studies: From Combat to Community: Women and Girls of Sierra Leone and Strengthening Governance: The Role of Women in Rwanda's Transition. Profiles of African Women Peace Builders. Other reports: Policy Commission Case Study—Negotiating the Transition to Democracy and Reforming the Security Sector: Vital Contributions of South African Women. Directory of African Women's peace building organizations. [KF]


World Clock

The continuously updated world clock, with hundreds of statistics about the world, populations, diseases, etc. 


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