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Some of these Web sites may also appear on other "Webs, Books, Films" pages.  


Most Recent and Best Statistics on Sierra Leone from the U.S. Department of State:  


United Nations Information about Sierra Leone Updated Yearly: Sierra Leone Encyclopedia -  


Final Report of the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" of Sierra Leone:


"Education in Sierra Leone" 2004-5 by the World Bank: 


Links to daily and weekly news sources online.  


BBC News--Africa and BBC News--Freetown

Daily articles, past and present, on Africa.  To see Sierra Leone articles, type "Sierra Leone" into the blank search box.

BBC News--Africa:  
BBC News -Sierra Leone:  


The  Brighter Tomorrow for Africa Foundation

This  charitable foundation improves the lives of women and children in Sierra Leone through financial support of five small, community-based organizations  


CIA Factbook

"Sierra Leone" in the CIA World Factbook

Human Rights Watch--Sierra Leone

Includes human rights issues, links, and background about the country.  


Kailahun District--Updated Information (the district of two of the three SLPP villages)

See where the district is on a Sierra Leone map; then survey basic information and details about this district.  


Midwives on Missions of Service (MOMS)

Find out how this American volunteer organization is successfully training midwives to handle their own villages' birthing events, and get a feel for a village in the same district of Sierra Leone where two of the SLPP's three villages lie.


Millennium Village Project

Go to this site to see a video update of the Millennium Village Project from Jeffrey Sachs, the world-renowned Third World economist.  Then, under his picture, click on the "MVP" link, where you can see another brief video on agriculture in an MVP village, articles about MVP, and the MVP Annual Report.


One--The Campaign To Make Poverty History

This is a good starter site for developing your own interest in global poverty, its consequences, and methods of stopping it.  The program has over two million members with supporting groups that include Oxfam, Save the Children, Care USA, International Medical Core, United Nations Foundation, a number of religious organizations, and many others.  


Sierra Leone--Africa South of the Sahara

Excellent list of resources, esp. for online news articles and documents of governments and international agencies.


Sierra Leone Encyclopedia--updated yearly

Excellent information on both basics and details of many aspects of Sierra Leone development.  A core project of the Sierra Leone Information System, which is supported by the United Nations Development Program.  


Sierra Leone Newspapers Online

This page provides direct links to online newspapers--or online versions of published newspapers--in Sierra Leone.  


Sierra Leone Web A very thorough and regularly updated Web site, apparently nonprofit, about Sierra Leone. 
Its Web links page is at


Sierra Leone Imagine

A somewhat rough, unpolished site, but with a variety of information.  


Trust Africa

"A new African foundation that promotes peace, economic prosperity, and social justice throughout the continent" funded by the Ford Foundation.  


University of Pennsylvania Sierra Leone Page and Search Engine

Links to the CIA World Factbook, maps, travel, language information, etc. Created by Julie Sisskind, now maintained by Ali Dinar. UPenn has a search facility.


U.S. Dept. of State

Background Note: Sierra Leone, U.S. Department of State






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