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General College Learning Guides
Please click on any site below that you wish to see.


The following guides about college learning contain, together, over a thousand online essays about learning in—and dealing with—college.  A majority of the essays from these sites also are listed individually somewhere in this College Learning Web site. 


Ah-Clem Site Reviews by experienced educator “Doctor Ah-Clem” are reviews of dozens of skills sites about studying, exams, writing, stress, test anxiety, and financial aid.  Overall, the sites with positive reviews lead to 100s of excellent articles.


Free Books & Essays:     

Online Books, Other Texts  (Study Guides)   

Project Gutenberg—3 million free online books                    

Readings on the Web (College Writing)

Students’ Sample Essays, Academic and Professional (Online Grammar)


Help Screens by Sam Houston State University Counseling Center has intelligently written sections of medium length on sixteen general topics covering a wide variety of needs, especially more personal ones not always mentioned by other sites.


How To Study by Lucy McDonald of Chemeteka Community College.  This excellent study skills site has 100s of articles on study skills, and special links to how to study in many disciplines and departments.


Student Success and Personal Concerns by the Inver Hills College Counseling Dept.  Inver Hills is the sponsor of this College Learning Web site, and it has its own excellent directory of several dozen learning and personal concerns resources.


Online Libraries

Library of Congress

IPL.org (9500 online books and over 2300 journals)

eLibrary (a Web online-library search engine)

Library Spot: (hundreds of libraries and references)


Study Guides by Joe Landsberger, University of St. Thomas.  120 topics, "nearly the most popular educational public service in the world," 23 language translations, nearly 100 million hits per year. 


Skills4Study by Palgrave Macmillan publishers of England—a “comprehensive higher education series in five categories: study skills, personal development planning, student life, subject areas, and handy tips.”  Guides from it are in this Web site.


Willamette U. Learning Enhancement Resources. Guides from this excellent site are in this Web site.


Learning Strategies Database by Muskingum College.  Many dozens of articles with a technical orientation about learning, studying, and attending college.


UT Learning Center Resources has over 70 handouts for university undergraduates and graduates on a wide variety of subjects.  If you are a very good reader and like a lot of textual complexity and detail, this may be a good site for you.


Virtual Pamphlet Collection from the University of Chicago has links to hundreds of excellent essays from many dozens of sources, most of them colleges and universities.  Unabridged Virtual Pamphlet Collection has links to hundreds of excellent essays from many dozens of sources, most of them colleges and universities.  The University of Chicago and SUNY-Buffalo also have versions of this.

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