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How To Change the Print Size

How To Bookmark This Site on Your Computer


Changing the Page-View Size 


Is the text on your page not fitting very well?  The viewing size may work better if you reset it to "Large," "Medium," or "Small," depending on your own particular settings on the computer you are using.  Changing the text viewing size is simple: click on "View," then "Text Size," and then the size you want.  (Hint: if you have trouble reading the print on your screen, you'll probably want a text size of "Medium" to "Largest."  If you like to skim or speed-read your text, you'll probably want a text size of "Smallest" to "Medium.")  For detailed directions, see below.  


Note: Are you using Internet Explorer?  If not, you may find that pages look more correct if you switch to Explorer.  If you do not have Internet Explorer, you can use Netscape, but you may have to occasionally click on "Reload" (the curved arrow) to get correct formatting or full display of all graphics.  


Detailed Directions for Changing Your Text Size

            First, some of you may wonder why such a seemingly simple page like this is necessary--one that gives directions that, you think, everyone knows.  The answer is that surveys show the great majority of college students know little about how to operate word processing and Internet programs beyond simple typing, Web searching, and emailing.  One of the basic commands that many people--students, instructors, or professionals--do not know is the change-print-size command.  

            Here are the simple details.  Does the print in this Web site seem too large for you to easily use (or too small)?  Changing your print size is very simple:

  1. Go to the word "View" in the bar on the top part of this window.   Then click on it.  

  2. Then go to "Text Size" and click on it.

  3. Change the text size to what you want.  

           Some computers, especially those in labs, may have a "default" or pre-set program that always returns the print size to the old setting when you turn the computer off.  If so, you may need to change the print size to the setting that you prefer each time you start.

         Here is a hint.  If you have trouble reading the print on your screen, you'll probably want a text size of "Medium" to "Largest."  However, if you like to skim or speed-read your text, you'll probably want a text size of "Smallest" to "Medium."  Much depends on your existing screen resolution, too (see immediately below).

Bookmarking This Site 


            If you are on a computer of your own, you may want to bookmark this site.  To do so, simply go to the home page.  Then click on "Favorites" or "Bookmarks."  Then click on "Add." 


Detailed Directions: If you are unacquainted with the "bookmarking" process, it is simply a way to make your computer "remember" a web page.  Bookmarks are not permanent--they are always removable.  You can check right now to see whether your computer has any bookmarks.  Simply click (in one of your window's top bars) on "Favorites" or "Bookmarks."  A list of bookmarks should appear.  You can click on any of them to go to that page on the Web.


            Bookmarks are easy to install.  Be sure that you start on the Web page that you want your bookmark to go to.  Then click on "Favorites" or "Bookmarks."  Then click on "Add" (and also, if necessary, on "Okay").  If you are interested in placing your bookmark in a particular file of bookmarks, you can do so either at the time of adding it, or by going back into your bookmarks at any later time and organizing them. 


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