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About This Web Site


Welcome to College Learning!  This Web site is a Web directory—a Web site that directs you to other sites.  College Learning directs you to hundreds of handouts that can help you improve your learning in college.


What is this Web site?  The 100s of handouts listed in this site lead to 1000s of resources about how to improve your study skills, memory, personal life, and skills in your majors throughout college.  They are grouped into over 30 subjects shown in the INDEX  in the left-hand column on every page.  This site does not have written articles itself.  Instead, hundreds of Web sites were reviewed and articles chosen from many of them to create this directory.  The idea for this Web site started with the “Student Success Day” program at Inver Hills College in Minnesota.  Originally created by Denver Community College, the Student Success Day Program was adopted by several Minnesota colleges as a day set aside for learning sessions and interesting and enjoyable activities focusing on how to better succeed in college.  This Web site was formed as a way to further the college learning skills of people not only at Inver Hills College but also at all colleges and universities everywhere. 


How can you use it?  Simply click on the subject you want to see on the left.  You will get a list of links to excellent Web site articles.  Then click on the ones you want to read.  To return to this Web site, click the “back” or “return” button above. 


There are two main ways to use it:

(1)     Choose a subject and look at the articles that interest you.

(2)     Use it to find a special college-learning Web site you really like: see “General Guides to College Learning” on the left.


Why should you use it?  There is little like this that offers such a wide array of handouts in one place.  While there are hundreds of college-level Web sites that offer a variety of learning-help handouts and other helpful pages to students, most of these Web sites either offer only one handout per subject, or they concentrate only on their own special subject and ignore most others.  This Web site, College Learning, has links to a number of excellent handouts on dozens of subjects..  It also is sponsored by a public, collegiate institution with the expectation of balance, thoroughness, and fairness—none of the handouts offered here are direct advertisements for paid services.  The handouts listed here serve many levels of college-learning help, from first through final year of the undergraduate experience (with primary emphasis on the first two years).


How and why was it made?  Each page in this Web site is unique, with the exception of a small amount of repetition for readers’ convenience.  The purpose of the Web site is to help students become more successful in college.  Development of this site is part of a $5000 Student Success Online project at Inver Hills Community College, a member of the largest single college and university system in the United States—the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU). 


Who can you contact?  If you have suggestions, corrections, questions, or other comments, we are more than happy to consider them: email site editor Richard Jewell.

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