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Ten Rules of Good Meditation



1. Breathe.

          Breathe deeply to start, and be sure to breathe well during meditation.   

2. Relax.

          Sit, lie, stand, or walk, quietly relaxed and alert. Don't sleep (unless you want to).  

3. Do what feels good or neutral.

          Respect and even love your own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical well being. Self-punishment isn't necessary.

4. Open up.

          Open yourself to positive and neutral states of awareness. If you can't fight or flee a negative, flow with it, but avoid attaching yourself to it. Eventually, it will go away.

5. Curiosity is fine.

          Explore, discover, and even combine different meditations. Avoid what feels dangerous or wrong, and then, if you're still curious about it, research it later.

6. Don't do anything dangerous.

          Practice safe, simple meditations first, and/or work with a recognized master.   

7. Read, listen, watch.

          Learn about your experiences from others, in person or through research. Study expands your awareness. 

8. Share with others.

          Share with others who will respect your meditations. Don't share with those who won't. 

9. Follow your heart and your head.

          Meditations of the heart and above the head are safest and strongest, especially when they fit or complement each other. Viewing your own consciousness also is good.

10. Be healthy.

          Healthy eating and exercise create stronger and better meditations.

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