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How To Withdraw
(as of April 4, 2016):


In regular 16-week classes, you must withdraw no later than the end of the business day on Monday of Week 14 of classes. For more info, see below.


Web explanation:

Phone number for help:


Online location to withdraw:
     - Go to

     - Click on "Current Students"

     - Click on the middle yellow box "E Services."

     - Then login and look for Withdraw directions.

Buying Cheaper Texts:     


Free MS Word:

Microsoft® Office 365 ProPlus is free for up to four devices – PC, Mac, or mobile device - Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile – if you're actively associated with IHCC. Go to https://invernet.inverhills. and click on the "Microsoft Office Pro Plus Free For Students and Employees" link.
(Jan. '15)

Being Dropped for Absence from Class for 2+ Weeks:


     IHCC Class Attendance Policy


     Any teacher can drop you from your class with him or her if you are gone for two weeks or more. 

     If you were absent from class 2+ weeks and, as a result, I drop you, then
 - (1) You will automatically receive an "F" for the course. 
 - (2) You will then be blocked from the class's D2L.
 - (3) The grade system does not allow me to give you a "W," just an "F." You, yourself, must change the "F" to a "W."  If you do not do so before the deadline (in 17-wk. classes, the deadline is Mon. of Wk. 14), then the "F" will become a permanent part of your transcript and will lower your overall GPA.


The Center for Equity and Inclusion --  (7 Dec. '15)

This center is located in CC 118 and has a vast array of resources for all students.  The Center for Equity and Inclusion provides cultural programming and functions as a campus-wide resource on social justice issues. The office also serves as a support and resource for students from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

  • The Center provides a space for students to interact, do homework, and check out our wide selection of resources pertaining to various social identities.
  • We also provide resources for students struggling with poverty.
  • The Center is also where students can file complaints of harassment and discrimination.



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