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Richard Jewell

English Department, Inver Hills College

Minnesota State



Welcome!  This site is a place for students and instructors to find my online books, Web pages, and links to my courses.  It also shows Web surfers I'm not the Richard Jewell (now deceased) falsely accused of the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing.  I teach college writing, humanities, and literature.  Feel free to use* my online books and sites--they get 100 hits per day.  You also may email or phone me, or come by my college office B-136 (Business 136) during office hours.  


Richard's Online Books And Web Sites (details) How to write for college and professions; with sample papers, 58 chapters, 600+ pp. if printed 2012 edition. (Cell phone: type "") NEW! An A-Z Dictionary of Meditation Practices with Study Guides. If you're interested in meditation, look up definitions and descriptions, or see over a dozen brief, practical Guides to meditation, start to finish.
(Cell phone: type "")

       The University of Minnesota Online Grammar Handbook, a web directory leading to 1+ million resources about college and professional writing
(2012 edition)


Experiencing the Humanities (at or an online textbook/handbook introducing and describing most of the fields and disciplines in the humanities (new 2012 edition)


Links to the Humanities.htm: 100s of links to 1000s of humanities subjects

                       100s of online resources leading to 1000s of worldwide sites in English for improving your academic, personal, and professional success as a student.  Minnesota Writing and English--Annual Conference and Monthly Email Listserv.




Other Jewells




*Permission You may access the sites above freely, without permission. However, please do not copy information from them for any reason without the copyright notice and/or proper citation; and do not copy at all for any kind of profit or profit-related purpose without asking the author's permission.



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