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2017 MnWE Conference


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MnWE is a consortium, centered in Minnesota, of Upper Midwest college and university writing and English faculty. Our annual conference each spring attracts up to 200 attendees, and our bi-monthly "MnWE News" is emailed to about 2500 members in Minnesota, surrounding states, and one province. To join our email list, click above on "About MnWE."

2017 MnWE Conference:

"Connecting Landscapes"

March 31-April 1, 2017 (Friday-Saturday)

Southwest Minnesota State University,

Marshall, Minnesota

Theme: Our age of globalization and virtual communities can obscure the reality that we are all literally grounded in our landscapes, our locales and institutional sites. MnWE’s 2017 theme, Connecting Landscapes, invites us to consider the most fruitful ways of connecting both geographical and metaphorical landscapes

As English educators, we speak of discovering “where we stand” on issues, of being “moved” by words and images, and of using language to change others’ positions and points of view and create movement. 

How can Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing help us bridge divides, comprehend divergent perspectives, and reevaluate our own ideas?  How can reading and writing create understanding of and empathy with people coming from other landscapes?  How can language evoke and examine topographies or worldviews?



The Call for Proposals is now closed. However, we welcome your participation at the Conference!



Faculty discuss ideas and
issues at a MnWE breakout session.




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Editions: 12-09, 10-14, 8-15, 9-16

Conference Questions--Larry Sklaney or Danielle Hinrichs. General--Richard Jewell

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