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MnWE News: Joining or Unsubscribing








 "MnWE News" by Email

"MnWE News" is emailed to about 2500 English, writing, and related faculty throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest every other month. It contains announcements about the MnWE Conference, brief news items, and occasional reviews or discussions. Forwards also are emailed on occasion, of Calls for Proposals for the MnWE Conference and other Midwest conferences, as well as important news updates. The total of all emails sent to the list averages about one per month, except during the spring when news about the approaching MnWE Conference adds another email per month.

All email addresses on the email list are kept secure and private on a MnSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) listserv. None are ever shared with other groups, companies, or listservs. You may unsubscribe at any time by following the directions at the bottom of each email.

 "MnWE News" on This Website

More recent newsletters also are available on this website. See MnWE News.htm.



Joining is easy and free. Simply email Richard Jewell at "richard at jewell.net" (delete the spaces, and replace "at" with "@"). Give him the email address at which you'd like to receive MnWE emails.

(Adjuncts and graduate students, you may want to provide a private email address so you don't lose the "Email News" if you move to another school.)


For most people, unsubscribing is easy. Simply follow the directions at the bottom of any email you receive from MnWE. (Please try this method of unsubscribing first, before asking Richard to unsubscribe you.)

However, some school servers may not allow you to unsubscribe automatically as above. if this happens t you, please follow these directions to unsubscribe:

a. Find the unsubscribe directions at the very bottom of one of the MnWE emails sent to you. 

b. Copy your email address exactly as shown in the unsubscribe directions.

c. Paste the address into the content of a new email, and send it to Richard Jewell, asking to have this email address deleted from the listserv.  (See above for his email address.)

Are you receiving two copies of the listserv emails? If you'd like to receive just one, then go to the bottom of the email sent to you at the email address you'd like to have MnWE delete. Then follow the directions at the bottom of that email.

Note for MnSCU listserv members: MnSCU does add its own MnSCU ".edu" email addresses into discipline groups--such as the "English Discipline" or "Writing Discipline"--and shares these lists with select faculty and administrators in MnSCU for communication within MnSCU disciplines and schools. Please note that the English Discipline and Writing Discipline email lists are separate from the MnWE list: emails from MnSCU faculty and staff sent to the English and Writing Disciplines are not MnWE emails, nor do they use the MnWE listserv.




Contents updated 11 Mar. 2017




Editions: 12-09, 10-14, 8-15, 9-16

Conference Questions--Larry Sklaney or Danielle Hinrichs. General--Richard Jewell

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All MnWE work is volunteer. MnWE thanks the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for meeting and web space, and the Minnesota State system (formerly MnSCU) for financial and site services. Photos MnWE