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MnWE is led by the MnWE Committee, which makes decisions collaboratively and is composed of volunteers who run the conference and other activities each year.

Primary Coordinators:

Richard Jewell, General Coordinator

Larry Sklaney, Conference Co-Coordinator

Danielle Hinrichs, Conference Co-Coordinator

Gordon and Beata Pueschner, Program Coordinators

richard at jewell.net, (612) 870-7024

larry.sklaney at century.edu, (651) 747-4006

danielle.hinrichs at metrostate.edu, (651) 999-5960

gordon.pueschner at century.edu, (651) 686-4468

beata.pueschner at anokaramsey.edu (651) 686-4468
MnWE Committee:

To email someone, simply replace "at" with "@" with no spaces around it.  (The email addresses use "at" to avoid automated spam email-address collectors.)
This first list contains Committee members who attend meetings regularly and Committee members who serve, instead, as contacts in their departments for MnCUEW. Anyone may join the Committee who is willing to serve as a volunteer in a significant capacity. Often (but not always) this may require attending most of the MnWE Committee meetings. If you're interested, let us know, or join us for our meeting at the end of our next conference!  

MnWE Committee (8-'16):

David Beard, University of Minnesota-Duluth, dbeard at d.umn.edu

Heidi Burns, Minnesota State University-Mankato, heidi.burns at mnsu.edu

Kirsti Cole, Minnesota State University-Mankato, kirsti.cole at mnsu.edu

Julie Daniels, Century Community and Technical College, julie.daniels at century.edu

Mary Ellen Daniloff-Merrill, SW Minn. State Univ.-Marshall, mary.daniloff-merrill at smsu.edu

Dan Darling, Normandale Community College, daniel.darling at normandale.edu

Pat Darling, Century Community and Technical College, pat.darling at century.edu

Anna Davis, Hennepin Technical College, anna.davis at hennepintech.edu

Melissa Giefer, Winona State University, mgiefer at winona.edu

Jenny Gunter, Winona State University, jgunter2000 at yahoo.com

Danielle Hinrichs, Metropolitan State University, danielle.hinrichs at metrostate.edu

Richard Jewell, Inver Hills Community College, richard at jewell.net

Yanmei Jiang, Century College, ymjiang2008 at yahoo.com

Darryl Johnson, Anoka Technical College, daugustj at gmail.com

Amy Kubista, Walden University, amy.kubista at waldenu.edu

Lisa Lucas Hurst, Southwest Minnesota State University-Marshall, lisa.lucas at smsu.edu

Anthony Michel, University of Minnesota-Duluth, ajmichel at d.umn.edu

Anthony Miller, North Hennepin Community College, anthony.miller at nhcc.edu

Lynda Milne, MnSCU Faculty Development, Lynda.Milne at so.mnscu.edu

Beata Pueschner, Anoka Ramsey College, beata.pueschner at anokaramsey.edu

Gordon Pueschner, Century College, gordon.pueschner at century.edu 

Donald Ross, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, rossj001 at umn.edu

Larry Sklaney, Century Community and Technical College, larry.sklaney at century.edu

Linda Tetzlaff, Normandale Community College, linda.tetzlaff at normandale.edu

Joan Thompson, Normandale Community College, joan.thompson at normandale.edu

Rex Veeder, St. Cloud State University, rlveeder at stcloudstate.edu

Pakou Yang, MnSCU Central Offices, pakou.yang at so.mnscu.edu

Contact Representatives at Their Schools:

Brian Baumgart, North Hennepin Community College, brian.baumgart at nhcc.edu

Laura Benda, Institute of Production and Recording, lbenda at ipr.edu

Anna Davis, Hennepin Technical College, anna.davis at hennepintech.edu

Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, University of Minnesota, lkbreuch at umn.edu

Kristin Buck, Rochester Community and Technical College, Kristin.Buck at roch.edu

Kay Dailey, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, dailey.kath at uwlax.edu

Mary Daniloff-Merrill, Southwest Minnesota State University, mary.daniloff-merrill at smsu.edu

K.C. (Kenneth) Hanson, Minn. State Comm. and Tech. College, k.c.hanson at gmail.com   Brandy Hoffmann, Central Lakes College, bhoffma2 at d.umn.edu

Ben Kiely, North Hennepin Community College, benjamin.kiely at nhcc.edu

Jenna Kulasiewicz, UW-Eau Claire, kulasijj at uwec.edu

Carol Mohrbacher, St. Cloud State University, camohrbacher at stcloudstate.edu

Nick Nownes, Inver Hills Community College, nnownes at inverhills.edu

Karsten Piper, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, karsten.piper at mnwest.edu

Tom Reynolds, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, reyno004 at umn.edu

Barbara Rohrich, Cankdeska Cikana Community College, barbara.rohrich at littlehoop.edu

Kelly Sassi, North Dakota State University, kelly.sassi at ndsu.edu

Erika Scheurer, St. Thomas University, ecscheurer at stthomas.edu

Stacy Siebert, Waukesha County Technical College, ssiebert at wctc.edu

Scott Stankey, Anoka Ramsey Community College, scott.stankey at anokaramsey.edu

Rex Veeder, St. Cloud State University, rlveeder at stcloudstate.edu

Pam Whitfield, Rochester Community and Technical College, pam.whitfield at rctc.edu 

Thomas Zelman, College of St. Scholastica, tzelman at css.edu



If you would like to join the MnWE Committee--or be a MnWE representative for your own school--please contact Richard Jewell.


The MnWE Committee is a group of unpaid volunteers working together in a consensus style to lead MnWE and provide the annual conference.

Representatives represent MnWE to and at their schools.  


Content updated 1 Aug. 2016




Editions: 12-09, 10-14, 8-15, 9-16

Conference Questions--Larry Sklaney or Danielle Hinrichs. General--Richard Jewell

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All MnWE work is volunteer. MnWE thanks the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for meeting and web space, and the Minnesota State system (formerly MnSCU) for financial and site services. Photos MnWE