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What Level of College Writer Are You?






1. Find out what level of college writer you are by downloading this one-page
    Word handout with charts and descriptions:


Stages of the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced College Writer



2. Find out your level by looking at these sample college papers on the web.
    Can you write papers as well?  These papers are examples of "A" papers--
    according to their writing style, subject matter, and complexity of thinking--
    at the following college/university levels:
                            First-Year/Freshman-level Thesis Arguments

                            Sophomore-level Disagreement with a Reading

                            Sophomore-level Analyses of Readings

                            Junior-level Dialogic Arguments

                            Junior-level Literary Interpretative Thesis

                            Senior-level Critical Review



3. Read one writer's story on the web--four anecdotes--about starting to write,
    going through college writing step by step, and learning to write

"How I Learned to Write"



4. If you love writing theory, find out about the composition field's typical


Stages of the College Writer, Faculty Version


    by downloading this two-page Word handout presented formally at national
    and regional writing and English conferences (CCCC, M/MLA, and TYCA-



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