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Short Forward: What are the "Humanities"?

Forward to
Experiencing the Humanities

by Richard Jewell


Just what, exactly, are the "Humanities"? Have you ever wondered why cultures and civilizations have developed? Have you ever been curious about how history, the arts, and disciplines such as philosophy, religions, and sociology come together--or whether they are even important?

This online book is not just a group of facts, events, and art works to memorize. It is just the opposite. It is a book of information about living a full life: experiencing the humanities. It is about experiencing parts of culture you may not yet have felt, seen, or heard. It is about really living the liberal arts by learning in your own bones, gut, and heart--through your own eyes, ears, and fingertips--what each of the arts is like when you live and breathe them. And it is about how great ideas in philosophy, history, religion, and society have deeply moved millions of people over thousands of years--and still have a great influence on each and every one of us now. It is about how all of these subjects feel within you, and within others.

Join us now experiencing the artistic and intellectual feelings and thoughts of geniuses and average people alike and of how they have been inspired and have inspired others. See their hearts of such people throughout time; enter their minds and how they have developed so many cultures throughout history. Experience how these and other people have lived the flow of humanity's culture and civilization on a rich and lively rainbow path of ideas and art through thousands of years, and through all human souls. You are invited to live the Humanities here.

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