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Eng 2235
How to Start the
Fully-Online Section


Welcome to the totally online section of this course!  Please bookmark the home page (go to the home page; then click on "Favorites" or "Bookmarks," and then "Add.")  Here are directions for getting started.

To see whether you belong in an online course, take the "B.R.E.A.T.H.E." test at http://breathe.project.mnscu.edu. If you do not pass the series of questions, you should not take this or another online course.  If you're relatively new to online courses in "D2L," there also are two videos for you to watch in the left column of your D2L home page.  (If they won't open for you in Explorer, try using Chrome or Firefox.")

(2) FIRST CLASS: Our first class will be held in a regular classroom at Inver Hills Community College.  It counts as two or class hours, and class attendance will be taken throughout the semester, virtual or physical, so please be sure to attend this first class (unless you are a very experienced person with online classes or you live more than 50 miles away).  This first class will be held as follows:  


Building, Time, Day, & Room: as shown on the home page of this Web site, and also in the IHCC Schedule of Courses.

If you miss this first class, please print, fill out, and send to me the student "Info + Photo Sheet" as soon as possible.

(3) ORDERING BOOKS: Don't buy your books without reading the instructions, as you have a choice among three different sets of textbooks, buying only one of these three sets. See what books to order by going to "Readings+Resources."  

(4) GENERAL STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE: The home page (the middle column) gives you a clear, central starting point of the basics of this course.  If you want a quick overview of the course, especially if you're not yet sure whether to take it, please see the "Syllabus."  Other Web pages such as "How To Do Papers" and "Dates & Weekly Assignments" describe it in more detail.   The course materials are organized using an historical time span, starting with ancient cultures and moving through Greek and Roman times, then to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  

In practice, there are three basic types of activities for completing this class: 

  1. Homework assignments  (Hand in about two weekly papers per week, and do a final project paper.)

  2. Physical class meetings  (Attend a 1st class at IHCC, 2-3 visits to theaters/museums, and 1 individual consultation.  Note: These can be replaced by equivalent work at alternate locations or online (museums/theaters/museums), and by a telephone consultation instead of an in-person consultation.

  3. Discussion-board (bulletin-board) class meetings online  (Attend/post 2-4 messages/wk. on class bulletin board.)

  4. Extra credit.  You may also complete extra credit, which is awarded 1 X (1 point) for every 70 min. of work. 

These activities are shown by specific assignment in the "Schedule" and "D2L" Web pages in some detail.  Once you decide to take the class, one of the first things you may want to do is make a printed copy of the "Table of Assignments" to keep in your textbook or notebook.  To do so, go to "Schedule."  Then  use your back/return arrow to return to this introductory home page.  


  1. Home page: Read the home page carefully.  On the home page is a link called "Updates."  Click on that weekly for changes, additions, etc.  

  2. Syllabus: Read the short summary of the class--also known as the "Syllabus"--carefully if you're not yet sure whether you want to take the class.  (It is a summary of the entire website, in brief.)

  3. Books: See "How To Do Papers," or see "Dates & Weekly Assignments," "Week 1," and get the required books from the bookstore.

  4. First night: Attend the first night of physical class on the IHCC campus.  If you miss this first class, please print, fill out, and send to me the student "Info & Photo Sheet."

  5. Homework table: From "How To Do Papers," you may want to print out the "Table of Activities" and put it in your humanities folder or main textbook. 

  6. Schedule: Read the first two weeks of the "Dates & Weekly Assignments" and compare it to your printed "Table of Activities."  Print out the schedule, if you think it will help.

  7. Bulletin/discussion board: Go to "D2L" and start your first discussion-board class: the first bulletin-board activity is due by Thurs. midnight of Week 2.

  8. First homework: Go to the schedule and do your Week 1 and Week 2 assignments--they are due by Thurs. midnight by email in Week 2.

Please contact me if you have any problems.  (To find out how to contact me, check the home page or click on "Contact Richard" in the far upper-right corner of any page in this web site.)

(6) FINAL NOTE:  I'd like to add that typically the members of an online class range from very experienced to relatively inexperienced.  If you are inexperienced, you will need to be sure that you are able to regularly access the Web and that you are able to access and use the online class bulletin board.  If you are one of the really experienced people, please have patience as I offer what you perceive as overly simple directions--I do so because some people do not yet know how to operate Webs and bulletin boards easily.

I'm looking forward to working with you and meeting you!  If you need to contact me, just click on the "contact" link at the very bottom of any of these Web pages.


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Using This Website: When you have a website like this--one that describes the entire class--you should NOT ignore it, even if it seems  long.  Rather, it is a wonderful opportunity to find out exactly what the professor is expecting.  Even if it takes you 30-60 minutes, you should, at the very least, skim it carefully: read at least the first sentence of each paragraph, so that you know where to find the information you need later, and what the class is like.

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