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1114 Homework Options


In Weeks 9-12 of this course, I need you to keep reading and/or writing each week on a subject in the textbook CollegeWriting.info or something related.  This is how you will meet the required number of homework hours set by national and IHCC standards for a class with this many credits. 

     As you work to meet this standard, I would like you to continue to learn about writing.  You may continue to learn about research writing and/or the structuring of papers.  However, there also are other alternatives.  My main desire is that you continue to learn about writing in some way that is interesting, helpful, and/or useful to you now or in your future. 

       I used to assign one specific review chapter each week, but after talking with several past classes, I have gradually switched to more options.  The options now are that you may continue to do Study Questions (options #1-2), or you may choose from among the other alternatives (options #3-8).  These alternatives are listed in brief below, and in detail in the middle column.  Please choose what you need and find most interesting each week to help you continue growing as a writer. 


8 Options:

1. Review Info about Writing

2. Read Chapters on New Papers

3. Write New Types of Papers

4. Do Extra Credit Instead

5. Write about Your Own Writing

6. Write Lessons on Writing

7. Write a Creative Story

8. Write Extra D-1, 2, 3, &/or 4's.




Choose any one of these options below in any single week (directions - see column on right):

(1) Continue Study Questions by Reading Chapters on Basics of How To Write Better:  
Each week, write 150+ words in a list of 6+ items (just as in the earlier part of the term), on any one or more of the following chapters you have not yet read in WritingforCollege.org:


G. Research:
What Is "Research"?

  37. Research Process

  38. Choosing Resources

  39. Developing the Paper

  40. Quoting/Paraphrasing

  41. Avoiding Plagiarism

  42. Critical Thinking


   Any sections in Online Grammar

  A. Start:

  1. How I Learned to Write

  2. Focus

  3. First Drafts

  4. Self & Others

  5. Rhetorical Modes

  6. College Thinking  

  B. Organize:

   7. What Is "Organizing"?

   8. Major Organization

   9. Basic Paper Layouts

 10. Typical Body Section

 11. Types of Paragraphs

 12. Intros & Conclusions

 13. Details & Images

  C. Revise/Edit:

 14. What Is "Revising"?

 15. Peacock Sentences

 16. Peacock Punctuation

 17. Punctuation Review

 18. Five Special Methods

 19. Typing/Printing

 20. Revision Checklist


(2) Continue Study Questions by Reading about How To Write New Types of Papers:
Each week, write 150+ words in a list of 6+ items (just as in the earlier part of the term), on any one or more of the chapters (you may choose just one chapter per week) in the following sections of WritingforCollege.org:

  E. Writing about Readings
  H. Writing about Literature

  I. Majors & Work (A)

    49. Case Study

    50. IMRaD Science Report

    51. Magazine/Nwsltr. Article

    52. News Article/Release

    53. Story Writing

I. Majors & Work (B)

    54. Applying for Jobs

    55. Process/Instructions

    56. Professional Report

    57. Professional Proposal

     58. Recommendation Report

(3) Write New Types of Papers: Read or skim one or more of the above chapters in "2." an then (with no Study Questions necessary), simply write 300+ words on a subject of your choice using the patterns for that type of paper.  (600+ w. = 2 wks. of assignments; 900+ w. = 3 wks. of assignments, etc.) 

(4) Do Extra Credit (or Nothing): You don't have to do any of the "Options" assignments in Weeks 7-12.  However, if you don't do them, you lose 6 X's/points.  It is possible to still get the X's/points by earning them through extra credit instead.  (The extra credit X's/points will be added to your attendance.)

(5) Write about Your Own Writing/Research Process/Experiences: Write about any writing experiences for  300+ words/wk.  You may write about Drafts 1, 2, 3, and/or 4; writing assignments for other classes; past writing in school or work or for personal purposes. (600+ w. = 2 wks. of assignments; 900+ w. = 3 wks. of assignments, etc.)  Examples: how your writing is proceeding in one (or more) of your current writing assignments, your trials and tribulations in writing your papers for this class, you're experience of writing in this class, past experience(s) with writing, how you started as a writer, your history of writing, your experience of writing in one or more classes, what you'd like to learn/become as a writer in the future, etc. 

(6) Write a Lesson Plan on How To Teach Writing/Research: Write 300+ words/wk. as a list, outline, or regular paragraphs on how you would teaching one or mroe specific writing lessons to a group of your choice in a place of your choice (e.g., to students in a certain grade, to your children, to employees at your place of work, etc.). 

(7) Write a creative story--fiction or nonfiction--with a plot line (plot = person with a problem), 300+ w.   To count if for two weeks, write 600+ w. with all of the 5 senses added at least two times each.  To count it for three weeks, write 900 w. with all of the 5 senses and the 5 W's added at least two times each.  To count it for four weeks, write 1200 w. with all of the 5 senses and 5 W's added at least two times each, and include 300+ w. of dialogue.  (For help, see "K2. Writing a Story" in CollegeWriting.info. 

(8) Write extra Draft 1, 2, 3, or 4 papers: new D-1 = 3 X's, D-2 = 5 X's, D-3 = 6 X's, & D-4 = 7 X's.  Simply use another cover sheet and attach a note on top explaining the paper is for the "Reading Options Assignments" or for "Extra Credit."  (Either way, you'll receive the same X's/points.)


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