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What is the course packet?  The beginning of it includes basic information necessary to starting the course and figuring out your assignments at a glance.  The rest of it is a series of forms that you must fill out and attach to your formal papers in this class.  You are required to print out these sheets and attach them to each formal paper.  You should do this printing right away.



  1. Finding it: Click on the correct link--the correct semester and year--below.  You'll find an MS Word file.  Please use MS Word to print it.  Do NOT use MS Works--it may mess up the format/layout/margins.  

  2. Saving it: If you are on your own computer or have a disk, save the file to a place you'll remember.  If you can't save the file, that's okay: go on to step "4."

  3. Standard Warning: Don't stop at this point! If you save the file, go on to step 4 and print it right away!  Printing is required, and credit is given for printing it. Do NOT plan on saving it now and copying each sheet as you need it: trying to copy it into a paper you already have written may wreck the formatting/margins of these pages.  You also need to have printed copies with you in class for two reasons: (1) we will discuss or use many of them in class, and (2) having them in class will allow for faster turning in of your papers.  (Laptop users, do not just plan on bringing the papers to class on your laptop: you, too, need to print out and carry them physically.)  

  4. Printing it: Print the entire course packet at least once.  You will need most of it twice: You must physically print it as follows:



    Make a 1st copy.
    Print an entire copy for taking to class each day.

    Print one complete copy for carrying each day to class.  You will be removing most of the sheets in the "Course Packet," one at a time, to attach to your graded papers whenever you turn in your graded papers.  So, for this reason, you should make one-sided copies (printing only on the top side of each sheet of paper, leaving the bottom of the paper blank).  You are not allowed to turn in two-sided copies (sheets of paper with printing on both sides). 

    Make a 2nd copy.
    Simply print an entire second copy, as well.

    You will be using, throughout the course, at least two copies of most of the sheets in the "Course Packet."  The easy way is to simply print 2 complete copies, both of them one-sided (which means just on one side of the paper).  Carry one or both to class each day. 

    OR INSTEAD of the 2nd copy:
    Print individual pages as you need them.

    Or if you prefer, for all copies after your first one, you can print individual pages as you need them:

    1. First, print out one complete copy for carrying each day to class.

    2. Later, for additional copies page by page, start by going to the "Course Packet" link, which is below. Bring up the Course Packet in Word.

    3. At the top of the Word page are two different print buttons. Click on the one called "Print Preview and Print" (do not choose the one called "Quick Print."

    4. Then, when the "Print" menu comes up--with various choices--under "Settings" choose "Pages." Type in the page numbers you want (for example, "7-10").

    5. You will see a preview of what you have chosen. If the wrong pages are there, then change the page numbers. Once you see the page numbers you want, then click on the "Print" button.


  5. Click the link to your "Course Packet": (Questions or Problems?  See "6. Frequently Asked Questions--Troubleshooting Your Problems" below.)


Click below on the Course Packet you want.

(NOTE: This Packet may not be ready
for printing until the first day of classes.)
To return here when you are done, simply move your cursor to the upper-right corner of the Word window, and minimize ("_") or close ("X") the MS Word file.

Eng 1114 Course Packet, Spring 2019

How do you print just one or two pages?
It's simple, once you know how.  See "(f)" below.

Or, to get the cover sheets you need, go the following link, delete the pages you don't need, and print or save the rest:


(Course Packet from Spring 2015 & Spring 2016)

(Course Packet from Spring 2017)  

(Course Packet, Spring 2018)


  1. Frequently Asked Questions--Troubleshooting Your Problems
    (a) Confused?  Then just click on the link in larger letters in the yellow box above, and then print 3 copies of the whole "Course Packet" file.  Always bring at least one copy to school.
    (b) Contents cut off?  Do your printed sheets have page numbers or other contents cut off at the top, bottom, or sides?  Simple solution: Find a different computer--for example, at school.  Complex solution: Have someone adjust your printer's software program (not the MS Word printing program) for narrower margins: no more than .15" on all four sides.  
    (c) Print faded?  Definitely change the ink or use a different printer so both you and I can read everything.  You'll be attaching many of these sheets to your formal papers!
    (d) Out of Time?  Do it tomorrow. Usually when I assign something, it has to be in on time. However, I really badly want you to do this one, so I'll give you extra time to show it to me.
    (e) A new cover sheet for each revision of your papers? The answer is "no." Do not attach a new set of cover sheets every single time you turn in another draft.  You should never need more than one of each Draft 1 cover sheet sets, never more than two of the Draft 2 cover sheet sets, and never more than one of the Draft 3 or Draft 4 cover sheet sets.  This means, for example, that if I give you back a Draft 1 that needs revising and doesn't yet have it's X's, then when you turn in your revised Draft 1, keep the same cover sheets on which I've written comments to you--keep that cover sheet set on the paper so I can see my own comments to you.  

    (f) Do you only want to print one or two pages and you don't know how?
      Do NOT click on the printing icon.  Here's how to print just the pages you want. 
              i.  Open the "Course Packet" and look at the first page.  It shows you the contents.  
     Find the page numbers of the pages you want to print (and write them down if you need to). 
              There actually are two printing icons, one that looks like a printer, called "Quick Print," and one with a magnifying glass over a sheet of paper, called "Print Preview and Print." Click on the magnifying glass over a sheet of paper. OR click in the upper-left corner on "File"; and then in the list that appears, click on the word "Print." 
              i. Then, on the form that appears, find "pages" and type--into the box--the page numbers you want to print (e.g., "5-7" or "5, 6, 7").    
    And then click on "OK," and the pages you want to print will be printed.
    (g) Lost your Packet?  You may print out just the part you still need.  (See "f" above.)

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Getting Your Course Packet: To get your "1114 Course Packet," first read and follow these instructions. Then click on the correct course packet in the yellow box, middle column, below.

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