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1114 D2L


There is no use of D2L--and no discussion board classes--in our semester's 1114 sections.


Discussion boards also are known as bulletin boards (hence their nickname "BBs").  Discussion boards are online pages for posting messages to other people - in this case, your classmates - and reading their responses.  You are not all online at the same time (so they are not like a chat room or instant messaging).  Instead, you post messages anytime in the week that you want, before the week's deadline whenever you want--and read them whenever you want--like you would add a message on a corkboard or refrigerator.  Why explain this so basically?  If you are computer savvy, you may already know this; but typically, 10-30% of students in a beginning class have never used discussion boards.                                    



What are the basics of using the bulletin boards?

What do you have to do? You generally must attend one discussion board per week, with two messages of 200+ w. each (which makes a weekly grand total of 400+ w. per week).  In these discussion boards, you will use "prompts" (questions) to write one message each week - about the readings and about general matters concerning our course.  The other message each week will be responses to other students.  Full instructions are on the discussion board web site.

How do you sign up?  If you have registered for the course, you are already signed up.  If you are not registered for the course but want to be a part of this term's discussion boards, please email me with a request for me to add you.

What is the due date for each week's discussion boards?  It is Thursday midnightIn actual practice, I accept whatever discussion-board messages and email homework I find when I look at them.  I look at them once a week sometime between Fri. noon and Sunday evening.

How long is discussion-board class supposed to take?  Our discussion boards replace Friday classes.  The total time they take each week is supposed to be about 50 minutes.  Because I am unable to determine your BB attendance time by the clock, I have a minimum word count of 200+ words per message (400+ words per week).  If your BBs take you longer than 50 min./wk., then write and skim-read faster. 


How do you start?

(1) Start by going to the IHCC D2L web site and sign in:  The web site is at


(1) To sign in, you'll need your Tech ID # (e.g., 00001234) and your IHCC password.  If you do not know what these are, there are instructions on the sign-in page to help you.

(2) After you've signed in, find the name of our class and click on it.

(3) Once you are in our class's D2L web site, click on "Discussions" (just below the IHCC logo and name).  

(4) Then read the starting messages in "USING THESE DISCUSSION BOARDS."     

(5) Once you've read the starting messages, scroll down on the beginning "Discussions" page to "Week 1" to get started.

How can you make up discussion boards?

Please write discussion board (bulletin board or "BB") make ups by following these four steps:

  1. Add the messages you need (the ones you are missing) to the real BBs in the week(s) you need to add them.

  2. Then copy just your own messages (not other people's), box and all (or as much of the box as you can get copied: i.e., all the info in the box).  (Why?  This is so I can see that you have put each message on the BBs before sending them to me.)

  3. You must copy BOTH MESSAGES in a given week and Set, even if you have credit for one of them, as I do not keep track of which message you have finished and which one you have not.

  4. Then paste each message onto a sheet of paper that you give to me in class, properly titled with your name on it.

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Talking as a Community

 (FAQ's) Frequently Asked

English Department



Useful Tips for
Taking This Course

1. Starting the Discussion Boards: We will start the discussion  boards together in class the first week.  Your class's discussion boards may not be ready to start until the first week of school. 


2. A New Way of Talking: Learning to talk with each other on the bulletin boards is very much like learning to talk academically in class - intelligent, interesting comments are possible if everyone is kind but also represents their ideas logically, whether to agree or to disagree with someone.  Politeness is key.  With that in mind, BB talking can be very interesting.  Please see  Talking as a Community.

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