Directions to MIA


Right now, with I-35W south closed for dozens of blocks, you might be safer to simply follow the directions below, rather than use GPS or some other map app. At the very least, be sure to print out the directions below in case you need them. Note that in addition to I-35W south being out, there are other bridges and streets around the museum that are out, and there are a number of one-way streets near the museum, too. The directions below give you what is probably the fastest route, especially in the tail end of rush-hour traffic, which is even worse these days because of I-35W being out. Again, print these directions and bring them with you!

Here are also a few “don’ts”:

(1) If you try to use US-52 to I-94 to Minneapolis, or US 55 to I-94 to Minneapolis, you’ll get stuck in really bad rush-hour traffic.

(2) If you try to use County 62 west to get to I-35W, you’ll experience a really long slowdown on County 62.

(3) If you try to use US 55 to 26th St. west, the bridge over I-35W may be closed.


Plan to leave IHCC 45-60 min. before you are due at MIA.
This allows extra time for freeway construction, rush hour, parking, walking, and possible mistakes.

1.      From IHCC, go north from parking lots to 80th St.    

2.      On 80th, go to the entrance to US 52 north.
         Go on US 52 north to I-494 west.
         On I-494 west, take I-35W north (to Minneapolis).

3.      On I-35W go north. (Don't take the Cty. 62 West/East exit.)
et off I-35W at the 31st St./Lake St. exit.

4.      At 31st St. or at Lake St. (which is the name of 30th St.),
         turn left (west).

5.      Go two blocks to 1st Ave., and turn right (north).
         Stay in the “middle” lane for the first few blocks.

6.      Watch the signs carefully on 1st Ave. north, and stay on it until
         you get to 24th St.

7.      Turn right (east) on 24th St.

8.      Go two blocks east on 24th St. to 3rd Ave.
         (Ignore the museum's old front entrance.)
         At 3rd Ave., turn right (south).

9.      Almost right away on 3rd Ave. south is Mia's new main
         entrance–on a curved driveway on the right. Go onto the 
         driveway to drop others off. Address: 2400 34th Ave. S.

10.    Then find free street parking (it’s safe at night, especially when
         it's this cold), or go another ½ block on 3rd Ave. south
         to any of three entrances to the parking ramp on the right
         ($6 or so for 2+ hrs.).

11.    Park and walk back to the curved driveway, go through its
         many doors, turn right, and go through more doors to the inner 
         lobby of Mia. (The "Children's Theater" is on the
         left--don't go there.) I’ll be in there, usually to the left.
         You may check your coat on the right (secure) or ask to have
         the free student coat room opened (not secure).



1.      Meet in your driving groups inside the museum.

         Note: You will not be going back to the same I-35 ramp where
         you got off. This is because all the entrance ramps are closed
         between downtown Mpls. and 46th St. So, you'll be driving
         through regular streets to get to the 46th St. entrance ramp.

2.      To do this, from the museum parking ramp, turn right (south)
         onto 3rd Ave. Go on 3rd Ave. to 26th St. and turn right (west).

3.      On 26th St., go west five blocks to Blaisdell Ave.
         Turn left (south) on Blaisdell Ave.
         Go south on Blaisdell Ave. from 28th St. to 40th St.

4.       At 40th St., turn left (east). Go one full block to Nicollet Ave.
          Turn right (south) on Nicollet Ave. Go to 46th St.

5.       At 46th St., turn left (east). Go on 46th St. a few blocks
          to the I-35W entrance (it’s just before crossing the
          freeway). Turn right (south) onto I-35W.

5.       Take I-35W south, then I-494 east,
         and then US 52 south.
                  (Or from I-35W south, you can take County 62 east and
                  then merge left onto MN 110 east, then to US 52 south).

7.      On US 52 south, take the 80th St. exit and, at the end of
         the exit, turn left (east).

8.      On 80th St., take the 2nd or 3rd right to return to IHCC.

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Updated 21 Jan. 2019


Updated 1 Sept. 2018